Are you estate agents?
No. We act entirely on behalf of those looking to buy and to rent. Unlike estate agents, we do not sell or let property and therefore have our clients best interests at heart – we will not cajole you into looking at property which is patently not suitable and we will act in your best interests in securing the best price and terms.
How do you find properties?
We use all the tools and media available to find properties. We constantly talk to estate agents, search the internet, receive and search through all local and national press. Private individuals also contact us with properties for sale. We also canvas owners of suitable property in particular locations and of course speak to contacts built up over the years.
Do you search for rental properties?
How do you get your fees?
Our fees are paid by our clients. Estate agents take their fees from vendors and landlords. We do not take fees from agents, vendors or landlords.
What are your fees?
We charge an initial retainer, payable in advance with a fee equivalent to a percentage of the agreed final purchase price, payable on exchange of Contracts. All our fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Please contact us for more information.
Can you help to sell our property?
We may have a client who is looking for the type of property you are selling but we don’t actually sell property.
What happens if, after paying the retainer, I decide not to move?
We reserve the right to charge for time and expenses during the time we have worked on your behalf. The initial retainer paid in advance will be subtracted from any invoice.
Why should agents give you details of “off” market property?
Many of the best properties get sold to buyers before reaching the open market. Some properties come to the market very quietly with little or no advertising. Agents will contact buyers who they deem to be serious. This may or may not be you as an individual. Having been active in the market for a long time and thus being well known to estate agents with whom relationships have been cultivated over many years, we are often the first call an estate agent will make.
Do you act like an agent?
No, an Estate Agent will offer you properties that are available only through their agency. As most vendors and landlords in the UK use one agent only, you need to make contact with all the agents to find out just what is available on the open market at any time. We aim to find all the properties matching your search criteria from all the agents, in addition to those not openly marketed. The biggest difference however, is that we work for you unlike Estate Agents who work for the vendor or landlord.
If I can’t find a house how will you be able to do any better?
Often what is needed is a guiding hand. Compromise is an ever present necessity and, if you haven’t managed to find the right property, it may well be that your expectations are too high, your budget too low or that the property you want simply isn’t out there. We will be honest with you at our first meeting. After all, we don’t want to waste your time, nor do we want to waste ours!
I can search for my own property. Why should I pay an agent to help me?
You don’t have to. If you have the time and inclination to constantly contact estate agents, trawl through websites and look at properties which appear good on paper but, when visited are a let down. If you’re prepared to do this every day and ensure that you’re receiving all the right advise from people who are trying to sell you something and not acting with your best interests at heart. If you’ve got the contacts gained from over twenty years in the property market. If you’ve got the negotiating skills and knowledge to get the best price for your purchase, you can do it yourself.
Can you help me save money?
Yes. Apart from the time and expense saved in conducting your search, we can offer advice leading up to and during the negotiation stage. This can lead to significant savings to yourself – possibly well in excess of our fee!
Once retained, how long will you go on searching on my behalf?
In general, until we find you the right property although our Terms of Business state that our service will run for six months or until one or other party terminate the agreement in writing giving one month’s notice, which ever is the later.
How many clients do you take on at any one time?
No more than six clients per consultant.
I want to obtain the property discreetly and retain my annonymity?
Our clients privacy is of paramount importance to us. You can be assured of our total discretion when carrying out searches.
Is this service just for properties at the top end of the market?
No. We act for buyers with budgets in excess of £750,000.
How much involvement will I have in the process?
We will keep you fully informed throughout the process however, we will only ask you to actually look at suitable property following a full consultation on the pros and cons of each individual property.
Can you help with other related services?
We have contacts throughout the industry and would be delighted to put you in touch with contractors who we know will make the process go quickly and smoothly. We make introductions to solicitors, surveyors, architects, interior designers, financial advisers, insurance agents and many others.  We don’t take a referral fee from them, we just insist that they provide an exemplary service to our clients.
What type of properties do you specialise in finding?
Residential flats and houses for both owner occupiers and investors in London. Houses, farms, agricultural and sporting estates in the country.
Do you have access to properties that we cannot find on our own?
Yes. Both through estate agents and private vendors.
What do I do if I have a complaint?
It hasn’t happened yet but in the unlikely event that you have a complaint about our services we are required by law to be members of a redress scheme. We are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme, membership number D8183. For more information please contact us.